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If you have questions about payment plans or sliding scale, please contact us CONTACT US HERE and we are happy to help. 

Please consider our sliding scale in terms of a larger global and societal context of wealth.  We’ve been inspired by the innovative pay structure of Dr. Bayo Akomolafe. For more information scroll to the bottom of this page.

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Payment & Cancellation Policy

Thank you, in advance, for understanding the many logistical and financial aspects required in the organizing of healing events of this nature. When you book with a payment or deposit we are reserving a spot for you which includes accommodations, food, and administrative resources.

Full payment or payment arrangement is due 15 days before the event.

Please see below for refund guidelines. If you cancel within 15 days prior to an event we will not provide refunds. In the case of extreme emergencies please contact us directly.  

Please note: that there will be no refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, missed portions of the program, flight cancellations, or travel delays.

Gabrielli & Chloë reserve the right to cancel or reschedule any event due to unforeseen circumstances and will provide 100% refund upon request.

Cancellation Refund Policy:

Days before event Refund Percent



45+ 100% by 1/29/2024
15+ 50% by 3/1/2024
<15 0% after 3/1/2024

COVID Guidelines

In an effort to be as safe as possible we have the following guidelines:

  • Take a covid home test before arrival to your program
  • No attendance if you have any illness at all within 72 hours of the event, regardless of a negative covid test. 
  • No attendance if there is a primary or secondary covid exposure (ie: spouse is exposed to covid with a colleague that they were in close proximity with)
  • If you have been exposed to a known or suspected case of covid within 10 days prior to this event please be in touch with us to determine if participation is appropriate. 
  • If you have tested positive for covid within the past 14 days please be in touch with us.
  • Please contact us if you have lingering symptoms from any non-covid related illnesses within the 7 days prior to this event.

If you have extraordinary circumstances please talk to us, we are happy to brainstorm or workshop how to make this work for you


Sliding Scale Considerations:

Please consider our sliding scale in terms of a larger global and societal context of wealth.  We’ve been inspired by the innovative pay structure of Dr. Bayo Akomolafe, and present his framework: 


We offer sliding scales based on your relative financial standing and level of access to wealth in the global context.  As you decide what amount to pay, we ask that you not only consider your present-day financial situation governed by income but also factors including:


  • Historical discrimination faced by your peoples
  • Your financial wealth (do you have retirement savings?)
  • Your access to income and financial wealth, both current and anticipated (how easily could you earn more income compared to other people in your country and in the world? do you expect to receive an inheritance?)
  • People counting on your financial livelihood including dependents and community members
  • And the socio-economic conditions of your locale (relative to other places in your country and in the world)

If you feel challenged by the financial requirements of participation, please reach out to us. If this process is overwhelming or confusing, or if this framework does not resonate with you, we invite you to get in touch.  We are open to being in dialogue and relationship around this, we see it as a learning process for us all.


Much gratitude to Dr. Akomolafe for his generosity in sharing his ideas and words.  

We strive to host inclusive, accessible events. If you have a disability or specific access needs in order to fully participate in this activity, please contact Rob at or 310-570-7123. Closed captioning will be available on all Zoom events.

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