It is our vision

to teach this modality, and ultimately way of life, to as many people as we can, in hopes that we can effect great change, transformation, and healing on this Earth. 

'Cause goodness knows - we need it!

And yes, we do want to save the world,

even though we’re not delusional in thinking we can do that on our own.

And we know that we can’t do it alone, and will continue to work and teach in collaboration, partnership, and alongside so many other incredible healers, helpers, activists, artists, poets, writers, thought leaders, and politicians who stand in a vision for a more just, equitable, and thriving world. 

We know this is a seriously big vision!!! 

We need big visions and ways to get to these visions at this HUGE moment in human history. This method is just one way we’ve seen, experienced, and know deep in our bones will help us get there.

Our Values

We live by and stand in these values in all that we do.


We Value:

HUMANITY and every single person on the planet. Yes, it’s true, we will forever check our white ass bias’s, bring them to the table, and keep refining our offerings and our consciousness because we KNOW that racism and oppression are EVERYWHERE in and around us. Yea, we get it, it’s lifelong.

Growing pains – you might be getting it by now, but we know it comes with the job.

Your experience of the journey – the most powerful healing happens from inside you. We want your voice, your consent, your awareness, and support you to think for yourself – take what you want from us and leave the rest.

Healing as a lifelong journey, with textures, waves, peaks, and valleys. We are not chasing finish lines and cures rather creating practices that support the process.

Curiosity, open mindedness, and humility; knowing that the journey is imperfect and so are we!

Our brilliant allies – social justice consultants, community organizers, spiritual leaders, friends, and educators – they rock our world with their amazingness, patience, and expertise.

No finish lines – not even for ourselves. We are not done with healing, and we aren’t gonna pretend to be all polyana perfect so that you feel better about us. NO, we won’t dump our shit on you, but we will be real, honest, and with integrity share what healing looks like from the inside out.

Understanding the impact of inherited, intergenerational, and present time oppressive cultures and dynamics.

Feedback and accountability – we’ll take it all to heart. It’s not only our expectation, but we embrace a good challenge to grow! A little healthy discomfort can suck but we know it’s important. 

Safety – we strive to create the safest and most supportive containers possible for students, clients, and participants.

A culture of giving back and we donate a portion of our time, resources, and money to organizations working for social justice, equity, and the health of our planet.


We Value:

Body, Being, Soul, Spirit, Earth, and Divinity as integral components of healing.

That every sensation of the Body is a communication from the Soul.

Empathic abilities as super-powers towards healing for self, others, and the world.

That every single body comes with trauma – we believe that building trauma aware, energy medicine practitioners means safer healing, with more possibilities for growth.

The practice of clearing energies as a way of diving more deeply into the potency of healing and personal responsibility required in order to create equity for all human beings, Earth, and humanity. We use our practices to confront habits for spiritual bypassing and to deepen into personal responsibility.

The dismantling of compensatory behavior patterns and habits that support white supremacy, patriarchy, and oppression.

The vulnerability and courage required to heal in the witness of others.

Every human life as worthy of love, care, health, resources, kindness, and protection.

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