Infinity Healing Practice Activations

Infinity Healing Practice Activations are a series of statements that help activate our knowing and awareness in new ways. They invite possibility, curiosity, clarity, knowing, choice, and new perceptions. They help us shift thoughts, feelings, sensations and energy in a way that allows us to empower and inhabit ourselves even more fully.

Hear Gabrielli and Chloë discuss this potent tool.

Activation Sheet

Enjoy them here in written form!

Listen to Gabrielli & Chloë recite these Activations for you

Explore the energy of these particular Activations, you can bring direct attention to the recording, or play it in the background of your day.

Activation Statement

by Gabrielli LaChiara & Chloë Faith Urban

Activating Healer, Releasing Victim

by Gabrielli LaChiara & Chloë Faith Urban

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