Imagine this:

What if your Soul, Body, Being, and Spirit threw a big party and decided to go all in on CHANGE for 3 powerful days?

Well, guess what?
That’s exactly what our retreat is all about!


    What about…

    Juice fasting
    Micro dosing
    Ayahuasca journeys
    Vision quests
    Castor oiling from the inside out
    Coffee enemas up my ass 2x a day
    The list goes on and on!

    And then there’s one of my favorites, ask Chloë, she was told to put lighter fluid on her scalp, and DID IT! Don’t worry, thankfully she didn’t have a smoker as a roommate!

    And then there were those things that were just out of the question because I was flat ass broke and couldn’t even cover groceries for my kid, like sucking down hundreds of dollars worth of supplements a month or maybe a 3 month trip to India or Egypt. 

    Any one of those things listed might actually help me or someone else with their healing journey, but to do them unconsciously, and with a deep drive to find something outside of myself to save me, wasn’t getting me anywhere…


    And then I found my wake up call!

    I needed to stop aiming at fixing and healing cancer, and begin focusing on building strength, resilience, and connection to my own knowing, my own body, my own Soul.

    One breath, one decision, one step at a time.

    Little did I know this would begin the creation of a revolutionary energy medicine approach to healing.

     Yanno, ENERGY, that thing that even science agrees, everything is made of, including our bodies. And yet energy medicine on its own didn’t quite cut it.

    So I took my background in clinical social work, a whole lot of trauma and hence a whole lot of trauma recovery, a feisty activist spirit, a highly empathic and sensitive body, a lot of love, and tenacious faith, and then mixed them together with the Energy Medicine as the foundation – out birthed The LaChiara Method – because when healing takes all the parts and pieces into account, you get a whole different level of transformation. 


    We’re not healing symptoms or fixing problems - we’re changing lives.

    This method empowers people to be self reliant and have tools they can use for the rest of their lives.


    Because we know that life will continue to throw us curve balls in the form of accidents, injuries, illnesses, wars, earthquakes, the list goes on and on – shit is happening and will continue to happen. Having the resources, tools, strength, and capacity to meet these challenges in new and creative ways makes all the difference!


    “In these times of feeling overloaded with information, Gabrielli is a breath of fresh air. Her last tele-class introduced me to foundational concepts which I had been longing to learn. The classes were amazing to listen to over and over again. Each time I would shift and hear something that I needed in that moment. It’s fun to learn these valuable tools as I step more fully into my life. Her tele-class allowed me to see how my convoluted adaptations and habits are revealing my gifts. My health issues have cleared up as I learn how to manage conflict and feel safe in my body. How can I be more deliberate with my own energy? I choose to be motivated by my own light and knowing while moving away from being motivated by illness and difficult things. I am looking forward to this next tele-class and open to receiving new awarenesses!”

    - Susan Steinberg

    This is a signature toolbox like no other that aims to:


    • navigate what it means to be a highly sensitive body on earth – oh my, we are so sensitive aren’t we? What’s so cool about that? Your sensitivities are your superpowers!!

    • learn the dance of the physical body, the energetic being, and your soul in effective and life changing ways – your soul’s always got something to say, let’s give it some good air time!

    • unhook from oppressive systems and thinking that hold us back – we can’t make them go away but we can definitely learn to relate to these realities more consciously! 

    • rewire habituated patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors – yes you can!

    • clear, move, shift, and shape energy in a way that can unlock stuck or seemingly unworkable dynamics or challenges – guess what? Energy medicine is powerful. 

    • heal at the physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, genetic, and energetic levels – healing is natural, and innate but not always logical or direct, we explore it all with you!   

    • challenge and confront unconscious patterns and habits in order to break through to new possibilities – every aha is a pathway to HUGE change! 

    • tap into and feel connected to your own knowing and wisdom – ummmm, yup, we all have a pile of wisdom just waiting to be uncovered! 

    • help listen, understand, and interpret the body’s messages – we do it anyway, we might as well be conscious about it.

    • plug into the ever flowing, all encompassing river of divine love and activate it from the inside out – woooooohooooooo it’s true, and available to EVERYONE!

    Trauma Informed

    ‘cause we all come with trauma… and it impacts us no matter what – so why not know what the heck to do and how to learn the many faces, textures, and experiences that lie inside of these magnificent bodies we have.

    What to Expect


    We can’t have the retreat without you, and don’t want to! Everyone’s participation in the journey is what makes retreats juicy and personalized to the group’s needs.

    Emergent Curriculum

    Our retreats are based on an emergent curriculum. The session flow is guided by intuition and practices that engage the inner wisdom of the group’s energy. We breathe space into the retreat flow as a way of staying present to emotions, energies, thoughts, or needs that arise in the moment.

    Self Governance

    On occasion, information and insights flood in through us during retreats. These are designed and offered to you as energies and awareness that can inspire your own perspectives and “aha” moments.  We are not attached to being right. Our hope is to help you cultivate your own inner wisdom through the journey together.


    Healing and awakening isn’t always methodical or perfect. Things could get awkward for a moment as we wait, pause, and allow for new energies to arise. This is often a great sign that healing is happening!

    Along with The LaChiara Method toolbox, we weave Neural Organization Technique into our sessions and training.

    We’d like to recognize and give a special thanks to Dr. Mitchell Corwin for his expertise and to Dr. Carl Ferreri for this important body of work.

    “Neural Organization Technique focuses on prenatal and neonatal neurological development, i.e. our primitive reflex systems. The theory and basis of N.O.T. is looking at these primitive reflexes as fundamental neurological pathways which can be inappropriately retained and or developmentally incomplete. Encouraging and resetting these retained reflexes to full maturity is a primary objective and the basis for our success with this methodology.

    The purpose of Neural Organization Technique is to re-establish optimal neural function by resetting neural pathways and undoing compensatory states. By restoring neural function back to its original state, the concept of rehabilitation and or retraining is no longer the highest priority. An optimally functioning nervous system allows the body to heal from acute or chronic illness and traumas at maximum efficiency and at the same time raises our vitality and improves longevity. This is what makes N.O.T. special within the healing arts community.”

    – Dr. Mitchell Corwin

    Important Influences

    We give thanks to the amazing teachers, practices, and programs that influence us.


    Here are just a few of the most influential of all:


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