The Infinity Healing Deck

About the Deck

Containing 11 Activation Statements and 19 Consciousness-Shifting Questions, this set is a fun and potent way to help prompt you to break out of stuck patterns, release beliefs that no longer serve you, and shift into new paradigms of being.  Each activation has a special magic to generate healing, clearing, or awakening.

We ask these Questions not to our thinking brain, but to our wise self, to our full consciousness.  Then we invite you to “live” the question and open to receive awareness. What if the question is the answer!?

These cards make a wonderful gift.  They are a fun way to gain insight and perspective.

How to Use

Turn the cards face down and choose one by feel in the morning, using that as your Question or Activation to play in for the day. Ponder something that you are struggling with or an intention that you have. Allow your intuition to guide you and pick a card.

A Chloe Faith Graphics Creation.
©2020 Gabrielli LaChiara & Chloë Faith Urban

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