Election Support Event, Nov. 3rd

This is not the end of our work…

….Today is a HUGE day in this country. It is election day, and we know many of us are panicked, and terrorized by what the results might be, and what may happen whichever way the election lands. We felt an undeniable inspiration to offer something to support people on election day and after, as we step into this momentous and intense moment in history, theirstory.

What we have come to realize, is that together, our vision and mission has expanded far beyond showing up to heal one individual at a time, although we know that is important and powerful unto itself and we will never stop doing that, but a mission that is rooted in and works towards a world where there is equity for all. It feels profoundly important to us to dedicate every moment, and every precious breath we take, to the dismantling of oppression on this earth – internal and external, personal and systemic.

No matter how this election falls, this is not an end. No matter who is the president, this is still a capitalist society built on the backs of enslaved people, built on racist structures, and has been designed from the very beginning to divide us, not to bring us together. Until we listen to the voices and hearts of the BIPOC community and until enough of us cross the lines for change, this capitalist patriarchy will continue to exist, and continue to perpetuate oppression on so many levels. We invite you to enjoy and revel if the election goes the way we hope it does, and then after you reset and restore, let’s rise up together, and weave a vision and reality that no longer dehumanizes.

In a culture that values saving and rescuing, we caution us to be careful not to give all of our deep soul’s longings, life force and hope to one election. It’s natural to want a fix, an end to this madness, a stop to our fears. And, we will fight hard for Democracy. Many of you want Biden/Harris to win as much as we do. It’s powerful to see so many of us voting, working, volunteering, traveling and doing everything we can to win this election. We believe in using every bit of our deep unabiding love to take actions towards our visions. A Biden/Harris win still requires us to do a TON of work. Trump brought us a HUGE reality check, holy wow, wake up people, this shit is real. AND, patriarchy exists and will still exist until we find another way.

We are so clear that racism, bigotry, misogyny, sexism, and hatred is an indoctrination that thrives on the survival instinct for safety. Those original white men landed in the USA and took advantage of the most core drive for survival and infused that terror of annihilation with more fear and lies that made people believe in differences and that indoctrinated a desire to reject “others” in order to protect your own.

Let’s not lose our focus, no matter who wins. We’re going to dig deep into our souls and birth forward, every day, every moment, towards a full and complete vision of equity for all. We know I might not see that in my lifetime, but the vision is real, and the focus is on every bit of change possible.

Black Lives Matter.

BIPOC lives matter.

Trans and Queer lives matter.

Deep in our bones and Souls we know there’s a way to reclaim ourselves from oppression. Envisioning liberation, on all levels. Envisioning the liberation of white people and the hope that as white people awaken to these realities that we can link up and use our privilege and power deliberately to do our part in the liberation of BIPOC folks, to dismantle oppression, white supremacy, patriarchy and to create and weave new systems, structures and pathways that liberate all.

~Gabrielli and Chloe, 11-3-2020

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