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For the Groundbreakers Training

The Groundbreakers group of the Infinity Healing Practice Training Program is for Advanced Infinity Healing Practice Practitioners. This training is a deeper dive into the expression of healing. There will be channeling, visualizations, spirit/soul work, as well as the element of flexibility in what arises for healing. In each class, we will steep into our toolbox of teachings, space creation, resonating, and being with one another intimately for what comes up. Every other class will be “clinic” style, where we will break out into group sessions. This is an opportunity to practice our tools and get supervision.  This year’s Groundbreakers will merge the GB group and the Embodiment group members.

Trainings will be held at Gabrielli’s house – 58 High Point Drive, Amherst, MA 01002

Class Dates: Each training day will go from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm EST. 

  • Nov 21st
  • Dec 19th
  • Jan 30th
  • Feb 27th
  • Mar 20th
  • May 1st
  • May 22nd
  • RETREAT – June 23th – 25th
  • June 28th – Closure/Retreat integration

Both full payment and payment plan options available.

Full Payment Pricing Options

Payment Plan Pricing Option

$250/month x 7 months.  If you need a different payment plan structure contact us at

Sliding Scale Considerations:

Please consider our sliding scale in terms of a larger global and societal context of wealth.  We’ve been inspired by the innovative pay structure of Dr. Bayo Akomolafe, and present his framework: 

We offer sliding scales based on your relative financial standing and level of access to wealth in the global context.  As you decide what amount to pay, we ask that you not only consider your present-day financial situation governed by income but also factors including:
  • Historical discrimination faced by your peoples
  • Your financial wealth (do you have retirement savings?)
  • Your access to income and financial wealth, both current and anticipated (how easily could you earn more income compared to other people in your country and in the world? do you expect to receive an inheritance?)
  • People counting on your financial livelihood including dependents and community members
  • And the socio-economic conditions of your locale (relative to other places in your country and in the world)

If you feel challenged by the financial requirements of participation, please reach out to us. If this process is overwhelming or confusing, or if this framework does not resonate with you, we invite you to get in touch.  We are open to being in dialogue and relationship around this, we see it as a learning process for us all.

Much gratitude to Dr. Akomolafe for his generosity in sharing his ideas and words.  Learn more about him and his course “We Will Dance with Mountains.”

Cancellation Policy:

Thank you, in advance, for understanding the many logistical and financial aspects required in the organizing of healing events of this nature. Please see our cancellation policy before booking. 


  • 100% full refund for cancellation 90+ days before event. 
  • 50% refund for cancellation 90-15 days before event.
  • Full payment is due 14 days before the event.  0% refund for cancellation 0-14 days before event. 

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