I, Chloë, was conceived and formed inside another (like all humans are). My body grew and developed in communion with my mother’s body. I was one with her breath and blood. Her emotions were my emotions, her stress my stress, her pain my pain. Even before birthing fully into this breathing world, my survival was completely dependent on my mother’s choices, actions, and physical safety, and my body was constantly growing, adapting, and responding to the environment around me – inside another body. And so were you. 

Because of this, we are never not empathic. Some people are more sensitive than others, but the truth is, as humans who are intrinsically wired from and for connection, we naturally process other people’s emotions, stress, pleasure, pain, and everything in between. Some of us are just more aware of it than others.  

I happen to be one of those people that are extra sensitive. I have walked through this world as an empathic sponge, absorbing and affected by a whole lot of energy that isn’t mine, and for years I felt like I was drowning from it all. I felt victimized by the world, like people were throwing their toxic energy at me. I would walk into the grocery store and have an instantaneous headache, more often than not, I was an emotional mess, and I was constantly in pain of one form or another. It was debilitating and excruciating to live like that all the time. 

As I became more aware of what I was doing, things began to change. 

And as I learned how to clear the energy that I was holding that didn’t belong to me, I became able to access a much deeper connection to myself and what actually did belong to me.  

What I learned from Gabrielli, and now teach alongside her, is how important it is to generate and connect with a frequency and a vibration that is fully our own so that we know what it feels like and can come back to it, again and again. We can’t stop ourselves from being empathic or sensitive, but we certainly can learn how to be aware of it, clear out the energy that isn’t ours, and continually commit to coming back to ourselves. 

It is our deep knowing that this awareness of what is and isn’t ours is an extremely important part of the healing journey – not only on a personal scale, but also for humanity as a whole.

If any of this piques your curiosity, or rings true for you in your own life, or if you’re wanting to gather together in a group of beautiful humans to learn, share, and grow together – come join us next Monday night for our Activate Change Series. This month’s topic is, surprise, surprise – Being Sensitive and Empathic. 

We will share why we feel like it is so important to talk about, be aware of, and learn how to work with. There’s no mistake that this is one of our cornerstone teachings.

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