Gabrielli and Chloë speak about energy, what that is, and how to use the potent, magical tools called activations to move, shift, and clear energy that blocks you from your own awarenesses and inner knowing, so you can connect with what is your work in the world.


We wanted to do a little talk about what we call activations. They’re really a cornerstone to the work that we do and to the Infinity Healing Practice which Gabrielli is the founder and creator of and wanted to dive in a little bit and share about these really powerful magical tools that we use.  Gabrielli, I’m curious if you could start with just how these birthed and what precipitated you to create this whole group of activations?

Sure, I’d love to. I think I’d start by saying that an activation is a statement, a set of words, some people use them, like mantras, they work in their intentions, so they’ve been infused with intentions, and they each statement, and I think we have 14 of them now. Each one has a purpose and an understanding within it in terms of what it’s aiming at. And then I’ll back up. So that’s what we mean by activation, we mean these, the set of words and the statement, a sentence that we use, that has intention in it to help us create more consciousness. Prior to activations, and I would say around the birthing of my son, and then, in the diagnosis I had of cancer and facing some life threatening challenges, I began to really attune and understand that there’s body, like the chemistry, the sensations, the emotions, the feelings, and the thoughts of the body, and the organs and the tissue and the structures. And then there’s this thing called energy. And that bodies are all energy to like scientifically proven that we’re cells and particles are just vibrating energy. And there’s energy. There’s energy, like in the body, and that surrounds the body. And in the thoughts we think have a kind of energy and vibration to them. The feelings we have have that as well.

So I started to understand that there’s this thing called energy. There’s a there’s this thing called body and matter. And I learned somehow in the process that a tuning in and paying attention to the energy could actually help change my thoughts, that if I could clear something, I could sometimes have more perspective. If I could clear something when I was emoting, it seemed like sometimes my emotions were deeper. Like, I’ve really got to the core of what I was thought about, and sometimes they dissolved. And that got me curious.

So in those years, I looked all around and I adopted different ways of clearing, quote, unquote, clearing energy. And then I brought that to trainers. And we used that in our practices, and we were clearing the energy.

The problem for me personally, and what I started to see as that clearing energy became a way of, like, running away from myself, that I subconsciously would be like, Oh, my God, I gotta clear something! And I moved into this really hyper vigilant save and rescue, fix it, kind of mentality. And it was subtle, because I don’t think I meant to do that, but it was definitely under-riding everything I was doing. And I’d wake up in the morning and feel something and want to clear it, and then I halfway through the day, feel something else, and clear, clear, clear. And I started to notice an urgency and the way even the trainers were using these clearings and clearing modalities. And that concerned me.

So I remember going to my meditation and saying, Okay, what is this? How can we do it differently? And what’s the purpose of clearing energy? And it occurred to me and I felt such a strong presence inside myself that the most loving thing, the most loving, divinely loving and caring thing I could do for myself, is actually strengthen my energy field. It’s actually to create strength and resilience and occupy, show up in the energy of my body and have it effervescence into space. And that by doing that, that would naturally clear if there was something to clear. And that, rather chasing the finish line of clearing myself which started to feel like a chronic detoxing, hyper vigilant, like get it all out all the time.

I was like, wait, wait, the aim is resilience because you’ll never get rid of it all. Whatever the aim was felt distorted. And so in the aim of resilience, that’s when I started to really feel and work with our core healers community and say, Okay, how can we do this differently? What is it that we’re saying? What is the agency we’re trying to invoke, because clearing energy had become empowering for me. And yet, I wanted to really feel empowered.

So the activations streamed through over the course of a couple of years. They started with one core activation, which is called the embodied divinity activation, which was really just that can I embody the essence of the Divine of life!? Can I hold the suffering, the pain, the confusion, even the beauty inside of this embodied essence?

And then we practiced that for a long time, we saw how it changed things, and we played with it and, and slowly over time, I felt like I was just receiving the words, they were clear, they were deliberate, they were immediate and not urgent. They were now but not urgent. It was a type of resilience and empowerment that felt really embodied and generative, really life giving to me. And then each activation that came through came through with its own purpose.

Today, we’ll share a little bit about how that how one might work or how you would use these.  I really started to get fascinated, I’m like, oh, we can touch our genetics and wow, we have a lot of trauma, how do we help reduce the the impact of trauma, energetically so that we can really see in present time what’s required?  Sometimes we just need to clear something or move something, or awaken something inside, and it’s not an aim. It’s just becoming more present. I want to just become more present.  So, that’s, that’s how I got here!

What I’m excited about Chloe is gonna be curious, because you came in as these had formed, you came into the school of knowledge and through the community of trainers and the Learning Lab, have these activations and I’m curious about how you experienced maybe just one you want to share, like a moment where you might have experienced an activation, and how it felt different than other things you might have done in your healing. Would that be generative for you?

I would be happy to share. Thank you.  I would say when I first discovered the activations, I was in the first year of training with you and playing with them and hearing about them. And at first, I was like, I’m so sick, I’m so traumatized. How are these simple words actually going to do anything really?  I figured I’d try it, but I really couldn’t fully grasp it. And I had tried mantras, and I had done this, and I’ve done that. And oh, my gosh, I’d been to so many different healers and doctors, because I was really struggling with my health and with a bunch of trauma. And I just, I wasn’t quite getting it. I mean, I got it, but it definitely felt like oh, good, we’ll just say this a million times, and maybe it’ll feel better. Kind of like what you were saying about that save and rescue, and oh, my gosh, I’m gonna feel better if I just clear, clear, clear do this!  I just felt like I was really missing something here. And even in that, I thought, what if I were to just let myself feel, open up, and to see what’s possible, if I really allow for these words to affect me?

I remember it was pretty soon into our training year, and we had paired off and we were doing this, you know, mini sessions on each other. And I had, one of the trainer’s was holding me and I was just in a really hard moment. I felt really activated and pretty in my traumatized space, and I was just struggling, I was feeling in a challenging spot for myself. And there was so much going on. I was like, I don’t even know what’s going on, I don’t even know what this is, but I just feel horrible. I’m just not able to sift and sort and feel and be with what’s underneath this? And what is it that I can’t seem to pinpoint?

So we were going to practice an activation. And the activation that was chosen in that moment was what we call Release Injury Recall, which is what Gabrielli was just pointing to. It’s a activation that really helps to, basically in the moment, if we stub our toe, or hit our knee, and we have past injuries in that place, that’s the physical manifestation of that. And it could be that like, oh, wow, what if that knee, that injury, isn’t as bad as your body’s reading it to be because it’s not actually about the injury in present time, but it’s about the 5 million other times that you hit your knee or injured it, right? It also can happen in the emotional, the energetic realms of the body. And it might be that someone says something, and it triggers like 6 million different things that have happened to you in your life, and it feels so much more intense and huge and hard to figure out and find and feel what’s actually happening in the moment.

And I remember, for me, it wasn’t a physical piece at the moment, it was more of an emotional piece that was up, or a trauma that was there. And as the activation was being run, I all of a sudden was just like, oh my gosh… tears flowed through and things started to melt away. And then I was able to get to the core piece of what was actually going on in present time for me. And what emotional piece or trauma was actually there for me to look at and work on in that moment.

Because we get overwhelmed. Like if we’re trying to work on six things at once, we’re going to get confused, we’re not going to be able to find what’s really ours in the moment to look at, to heal, to shift to sort, you know, to do all of that. And so, the activation, they just ran it over and over for me. And I just remember each time another layer of something from the past, just sort of fell away. And I was able to really get to what was actually happening for me in the moment. And then I could actually do something about it. It didn’t mean that it was like saving and rescuing me from what was going on, it actually got me to what I could actually look at, and do something about. Now it doesn’t mean like all it just went away. It means like, oh, now I can really glean for the consciousness and awareness that I need in this moment for me to get more clarity of what’s actually happening for me.

So it was a really powerful moment. And I think from there, I just was like, Oh, this really works. And that’s when it really started, I really got to see and feel the the power and potency behind these statements. And, and I started to play and I began to really see they are so infused with essence and so infused with a community. And they’ve been said 1000’s and 1000’s and 1000’s of times by so many different people that I every time I do it, I feel that push of energy and beauty behind it with all the amounts of times and all the energy that’s been infused. So it’s been a really profound exploration over the last 10 years. And oh my gosh, I know we both have a million stories.

I know, right!? And I’m thinking as you’re speaking, thank you that was beautifully spoken. I’m thinking about the simplicity of that moment where you see someone that looks like a person from your past and you have a lot of injury recall, but you’re aware that this isn’t anyone you know, and that you don’t need to put all that onto them, those projections, ones that look like that. And then I’m thinking of the ones like you described, the profound, deep level.

Then I’m also thinking about when the background noise of my injuries is so constant that sometimes I’ve used them just to give my brain something to do. I call it a screensaver. It’s like I get the activation going instead of looping and other thoughts. I can use that to replace it. And that helps to keep me from like injuring myself with negative thoughts. So just some ideas.

Thank you! You can use them anytime you want. We’re excited to share them. You probably hear them all the time if you’re ever listening to these videos because we’re using them. You don’t need to jump on a workshop to develop a relationship to the activations. And you’re welcome to if you want to add them into your life.

Thank you all for being with us, enjoy!

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