What if every sensation was a communication from our soul?  Gabrielli and Chloë talk about living from that possibility, and how it can bring about life changing moments in consciousness.  Why is it that some people are so inspired or traumatized by certain events or circumstances, while others remain unfazed?  How can you interpret what you’re feeling in your body to connect more with your soul and purpose here in this embodied form?

We’d like to discuss a little bit about what we call SoulSpeak. Gabrielli, I would love to start with just hearing a little bit from you as to where this sort of term and notion came from. And then we can talk more about the sensations and the communication patterns, but I’m curious where it came from?

That’s a good question. I know, we’ve been talking about it a lot. And I really can remember in my 20s, not having a connection to my body sensations, the pain in my body, the injuries, the things I was emotional about or upset about, not really understanding that it was any more than my body just being loud, and suddenly being frustrated, because I had a body that would get loud, or seem to have more issues than other people’s bodies. And then I  went through all these life changing moments. And I really think there were a couple of things that happened. 

One is that when my son was born, there was a way of looking at him and recognizing this body, being, soul, spirit, this divine little creature on Earth, I was like, it’s all one thing. And it was the first real reflection in my mind that maybe I had been putting myself into parts and pieces, like I’m a body or I’m a spirit, or I’m this or I’m not, but not really seeing it as one orb of consciousness really, or one experience, even though I think I can logically say that. So, many years after that, and from lots of experiences later, I had some really powerful awarenesses that, wow, when I’m having this experience, this is my soul communicating with me. 

And those were big at first, it was like, wow, this thing that’s happening and has so much meaning, it’s a part of my soul. And then it was like, you know, fast forward more years, and I thought, well, wait, if that big thing that’s happening, good or bad, is a communication with my soul, why isn’t everything I communicate? Why isn’t every experience of my body, like, when is my body ever not my soul? 

I think of soul as that timeless river of energy that brings us to life. And that might keep going forever. Some people place karma in the soul. But for me, I was like, yeah, the soul, that’s why I’m here. My soul chose to be a body. And if that’s true, then it’s always happening in succession, and together and in combination, and communion.  I think SoulSpeak, it became really clear to me, that SoulSpeak, the speak of the soul would be the body’s communication habits, patterns, symptoms, sensations—sensations, just meaning the things we feel. 

So I think that’s a little cap on it, you know. I’ve been living this possibility that every, every sensation is a communication from my soul. And in living that possibility, I’ve had life changing moments in my consciousness, you know, and they’re so meaningful. And I think it makes every bit of sense to me why I want to do this kind of work, because I’m looking for that synapse to go off and in the work with others and in ourselves and in our, in life, like, what does it take to feel that alive? 

It’s so good, and it feels so helpful. And I’m just really loving how you’re talking about, that it’s the big moments. And it’s also those mundane moments. It’s also like, what we find boring, what we find kind of frustrating, or what we find unbelievably juicy and magical. It’s all the things that we’re drawn to. And it’s, it’s all the sensations, as you were saying, your body has been a loud communicator, mine too, and a lot of ways just feeling a lot of pain and agitation and all the different things, but also just these moments of just elated joy and like walking in the woods and just being like, oh my gosh, this is feeding me so deeply, you know? And being so drawn to the ocean, and oh my gosh, I used to just, like drag my family to the ocean, and they’re like, come on, I don’t want to go to the beach again, and it’s like, but this just lights up that connection to my soul. 

There’s so many different ways in which we’re all so, so unique. And you know, one piece that I really always just blows me away is even thinking about my experience in my own family.  my brother and I lived in the same house with the same parents in the same circumstances, and yet his experience of our upbringing, and my experience of our upbringing was so different and like, what enlivened him and what traumatized him was so different than what enlivened me or traumatized me. And, you know, I see this so, so many times with people in their families is, you know, you can have four kids and a family and they all go through the same thing. And yet, one is dreadfully taken down by an experience, and they spend their whole lives trying to figure out how to heal that part. Whereas another child, and that family was like, oh, yeah, no big deal. What’s your problem? Like? Why are you so stuck on that, you know?

This to me is like, what’s so fascinating about this SoulSpeak.. it brings so much more perspective, as we talk about SoulSpeak, really bringing that perspective and like, that kind of step back and be like, Oh, wow, without me having to judge the fact that I’m a mess about this situation. And my brother’s totally fine. It’s like, wow, there’s something in here that my soul is trying to learn or figure out, or maybe it’s part of why I’m here that I’m really trying to learn this particular lesson, where he’s not necessarily here to learn that lesson. And that’s totally fine. You know, it just allows for the curiosity of like, Hmm, okay, what, what’s in here for me? What are these sensations telling me?

Yeah, I’m just thinking as you’re talking, and I love what you just shared that it’s just so meaningful to recognize because we see it in classrooms, and we see it in families, to see it in communities and workplaces, and we see it anywhere where people come together, that the very same experiences can be interpreted incredibly differently, incredibly differently. And I love it, too. It’s the fascination of me, I use the word creature describing my son because I think of all of us as cool little creatures, you know, and, and we’re also unique, and it’s, such a journey for me and fascinating also, to just witness them watch what wisdom comes through each person, where those awarenesses sit, where the awakening moments are, and how we then hold meaning, how we retain those, then how we make sense of them in a bigger picture, too. 

But as you were speaking, I was thinking about sensations, and how it’s everything, it’s like, while I brush my teeth, if I stopped for a minute, and notice what I’m feeling, it could have an awareness and, it’s the moments in between the big moments, and it’s the moments of the big moments, and it’s years later, you know, where the moments could change, even in our mind and in our understanding.

Right, you know, I just find it so helpful in life to be like, wait a second, I’m going to stop even in this moment that just feels pretty mundane and like, or Hi, just had a judgment pop in, or I’m starting to loop on something or getting stressed and like, wait a second, hold on, what if this is actually just a sensation? For one thing? And what if it’s a communication for my soul, what else is here? Because, you know, what we find over and over and over again, is that there is that awareness and that inner wisdom that’s coming through, there’s a reason our body is communicating through all the different types of sensations we can have and we could sort of popcorn some of them but like, it could be anything from like getting goosebumps, to having that, like aha moment, it could be a pain in the body. There are so many different ones…  Numbness, what people call dissociation is still a sensation away, I might numb out or get tired or glazed over. So many so many different sensations, really all of them,

The thing about sensations is that our bodies are so limited, really in communication. And I think often, I’ve worked with a lot of people who have anxiety, and often they don’t realize sometimes that what they’re feeling is just a sensation, and it actually could also be excitement, but the neural pathway gets so limited because our sensations have very simple, our bodies have simple sensations, you know, they’re there’s pain or there’s thoughts, there’s emotions, feelings, it’s pretty simple. And so when we interpret and when we give ourselves time to interpret, we can be really surprised that this sensation that has meant this one thing for 20 times might mean something completely different than next time. Right? 


It’s so, so amazing. I could generously say that we explored in every workshop.

Because what excites us about the work of the soul and is that it’s the work of the human, which is that means it’s the work of the Spirit, which means it’s the work of our mundane, and our exalted and our, you know, agitated lives,and so you’ll hear us talk about Soulspeak more. And it is in our foundational teachings and principles and, and what we value which, honestly, what occurs to me to say is that we really value that everyone is unique, and that each person has experiences and that’s why we often say in such a funny way, if you hate this event that you’re in with us like it’s okay, because it just means your soul spoke, you know, and if your soul speaks and leads you someplace else, I feel happy. We’re always satisfied that people are listening,

Right. That’s an awareness in and of itself. It’s like, okay, wow, I hear it here. I have an awareness coming in. And if this isn’t quite resonating, that’s totally fine and good and welcome, you know, and yet, also at the same time, just the awarenesses over the years and the healing that’s happened as we bring this lens of the SoulSpeak in and really look for and feel and explore it with people. It’s pretty, pretty inspiring and profound what we’ve seen over the years to come through. Thanks Gabrielli for sharing in this conversation with me and thank you all for joining us.

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