We are Gabrielli LaChiara and Chloe Faith Urban, dear friends and allies in healing.  We are excited to share our new site with you, which is currently under construction and will be finished very soon!

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We live, breathe, eat, sleep & drink what we teach.

We believe every single moment is an opportunity for healing. We know that living aware is an ongoing exploration, not one that any human will ever perfect.

While we both hold our own private practices as healers, the bond we have forged through our friendship over the last 7 years has called us to offer retreats, instensives, and trainings all over the world as a means to inspire and touch others, dismantle oppression internal and external, and to facilitate profound healing on Earth. If you are inspired to join us for a session, or group offering, we will work to bring our humble, enlivened hearts to you through our precious friendship, openness and skillful facilitation.

Meet Us

Gabrielli LaChiara

Gabrielli LaChiara (she/her/hers) is a white, cisgender woman of Italian descent, age 54 at present time, 2020.  She lives and holds her private practice in Amherst, MA, on the indigenous land of the Umpanchla, Quonquont, and Chickwalopp people. Gabrielli brings great joy and possibility to Earth as a facilitator of healing and is blessed with a kindred connection to the ascended Goddess of compassion, Kwan Yin.  She has been practicing the healing arts since 2005, and is the creator of Infinity Healing Practice, and co-founder of Infinity Healing Trainings.

Chloë Faith Urban

Chloë Faith Urban (she/her/hers) is a white, cisgender woman of British, Irish, French, German and Scandinavian descent, age 33 at present time, 2020.  She lives and holds her private practice in Portland, Maine, on the indigenous land of the Abenaki people and Wabanaki Confederacy. Chloë is a certified Infinity Practitioner, who has been immersed in healing spaces since she was 4 years old. She is profoundly honored to have the opportunity to foster and awaken healing on the planet, through her work with individuals and in groups, and to have a deep connection with Goddess of compassion, Kwan Yin. Chloë teaches and leads powerful healing intensives and trainings alongside dear friend Gabrielli LaChiara.

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